Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lesson learned the hard way

In this spot USED to be a lengthy post about the last 2 tagged bloggers for that 6 Weird Things game. Since I use a larger than normal font (so old codgers like me can read it without migraine attacks) I type in the stuff, then highlight it all and apply the font and size. Apparently, one ought to save before doing that, cuz when I highligthed the whole post, it disappeared never to return. Blargh. Who knew that Ctl-Z doesn't work in the blogger editor? Or that whatever I did by scrolling past the top of the post would delete it permanently? Anyway, for you other new bloggers out there - use the Save As Draft before you do any wild highlighting. :)


laughingrat said...

Hi Sande--nope, I am not the DeeDee you were looking for, sorry. :) My name's Jennifer. Thanks for stopping by to say hello, though!

Stitchcounter said...

So sorry your post disappeared! Its been nice "meeting" you. :) What is your VLT project? Have a wonderful holiday season!