Friday, December 15, 2006

More Fiber Storage

Office shelf My two "front" rooms used to be living and dining, and are now office and living rooms. They are separted by a large arch and no door. I put 8' shelves above the arch on both sides and they are the perfect depth for those 12x15" office storage boxes. All of these boxes are filled with yarn - mostly sock yarn! Two boxes on the living room side hold dishcloth cotton and two on the office side hold 1lb acrylic skeins, but the rest really are filled with sock yarns.

Living Room Shelf
I even have stacks of bins in the kitchen in front of the (non-working) oven. Next to the neat stack of bins and boxes is a pretty haphazard stack of plastic bags with mostly alpaca, llama and some wool. These are the smaller amounts that wont fill a bin by themselves, but don't seem to have found a better home. Maybe someday.

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