Monday, December 11, 2006

Sande's Wool Room

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them I have bins of fleece, roving, fiber and yarn stacked from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. It is hard to get photos of this, but I tried. My "Wool Room" used to be the gym and, in fact, there is still a weight set in the middle of the room, taking up precious wool storage space. Gotta sell that thing! Below are two photos of the South Wall of the room. The west wall is hard to photograph due to door placement, gym in the middle of the room and the light on the ceiling fan. Trust me, the bins and boxes do go from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.
Back in 2003 I had the shelves installed just below the ceiling in all the rooms. Well, all the rooms but the kitchen and the bathroom. Fleece and rovings are not very heavy for their volume, but yarn is. The shelf in the bedroom fell down one night (before we went to bed!) and left gaping holes in the wall where the bolts pulled out. Those bins are still sitting on the floor in the bedroom, making it really hard to get around.

Above is the North wall of the wool room and on the right the North wall of the "office." Actually, every room but the bathroom has wool in it, even the kitchen. I have a room in the back of the house with 2 floor looms and 2 bookcases full of coned yarn, and a PG Supercard and 2 sergers and a sewing machine. My rigid heddle loom lives there, too, when I'm not weaving on it. No photos of that room - there isn't anywhere to stand to take them. :)

Ok, the next entry will have some photos of my spinning.

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