Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Easter fun on yahoo list Spindlitis

What do spinners do the day after Easter? We hit the stores to buy EE dye 1/2 off!! Then we dye up some white roving (Shropshire in this case) and spin very colorful yarn.I broke the roving into 6" long sections and spun 2 full bobbins in the same order of colors: Lime green, yellow, orange, red, blue-violet, green. This created a rainbow colored 2ply and I was quite happy that most of my sections were the same length. The colors only barberpoled in a couple of places.
Above is the yarn on my skein winder, below the loose skein. After showing the yarn off for a couple of years, I've finally started using it. I'm making a "diamond" shaped hat that gives the impression of entrelac - perfect for a space dyed yarn. I'm about 2/3 finished in Feb 2007 - Perhaps I'll dig it out and work on it for a while.

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