Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Miscellaenous Skeins

This is a pound of corriedale blend fiber I bought from Jeanne Roberts, spun up 2ply and sold. It was a wonderful cinnamon color and I hated to let it go, but I was unemployed at the time and sold a lot of my yarn and fiber.
This white yarn is Coopworth, the dyed wool and yarn are a grey Romney I dyed with Wilton's icing colors, Chistmas Red, Kelly Green and Royal Blue. The blue did split a bit, but the red and green are just wonderful. Look at the sheen you get from longwool!

This is white Suffolk that I spun 2ply, then dyed with Violet Wilton's dye. I used a whole tub of dye on this one skein and cooked it slowly for hours so that the compound dye struck and didn't split into red and blue. This is really an intense royal Purple.

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