Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2002 VA and VT fiber festivals

This wool is from Annie's fleece, a coopworth lamb. The fleece was so clean that I spun most of it in the grease. I was still pretty novice at spinning, but having lots of fun at it. This yarn is a 9wpi bulky 3ply.
This skein is more of Annie's wool, but now I'm spinning a lot finer - my finest to date, I believe. about 14-16 wpi, 2ply sport wt!
More of that luscious Merino/silk blend from the Bulky Club. I sent all three of these skeins to the VT and VA fiber festivals and they all did really well - Annie's skeins both took a first - one at each show. This skein took 3rd place both shows. I didn't enter anything at home (Fresno Fair) this year - I sent my handspun all over the country.

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